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AODA Alliance Starts Kickstarter Campaign

By Victor Schwartzman
October 28, 2013

The AODA Alliance asked the Government for an update on the implementation of AODA and it stonewalled. So the Alliance filed a Freedom of Information Act application months ago to get the information.

The Government’s response? While it cannot refuse to provide the information, it can insist
the Alliance pay a fee to get it: $2,325, a lot of money for an
unincorporated loosely organized citizens’ coalition.

Faced with yet another stone wall in years of stone walls, the AODA Alliance took its only logical step: raise the demanded fee by starting an internet Kickstarter campaign.

A Kickstarter campaign raised $5.7 million to help fund a movie version of the television series Veronica Mars. Mars was a teenager who solved

The Kickstarter campaign’s success inspired the AODA Alliance, given that, realistically, Veronica Mars does not exist and neither does

The Minister responsible for AODA’s implementation, Eric Hoskins, appeared with Premier Wynne at a media conference to applaud the Kickstarter campaign. “I’ll be the first person to kick in a tooney!” he said, grinning. “This campaign is worthy and should succeed.

We did not think the Alliance would find a way to pay the fee, and maybe they have.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne stated that she would commit a loony. “I’d donate more but I do not want to upstage my Minister. I am very sensitive to
peoples’ feelings!” Premier Wynne added, “In the past, I have personally
assured the AODA Alliance that I would do whatever it took to make AODA work. Now I am putting my money where my mouth used to be.

“As for forgiving the fee to provide public information we don’t want to give you, the law is the law. Yes, I know what some will ask, why is the
law not the law with AODA but it is with the licensing fee?

The answer is due diligence to our budget. We are very diligent on financial matters.

For example, the AODA Alliance has been advised that we charge a weekly ‘vig’ of 20%. The longer the AODA Alliance dilly-dallies in paying the fee, the larger it becomes. We are considering waving the fee, though, but first
the Alliance must provide financial statements they do not have.”

Premier Wynne and Minister Hoskins were then unable to continue as they could not stop giggling.

A Kickstarter campaign was the only way the penniless AODA Alliance could raise thousands of dollars quickly. Once that decision had been made, however, the AODA Alliance was inspired to try a new approach in solving the
mystery of what happened to AODA.

“We went into discussion with Veronica Mars’ people in Hollywood,” a spokesperson for the AODA Alliance told the media. “We have a mystery about AODA and she is a detective.

We are pleased to announce that Veronica Mars herself has agreed to volunteer her services to investigate the AODA mystery.”

Contacted in Hollywood, Ms. Mars confirmed her participation. “Golly! I’ve taken on big mysteries before but nothing like this! Watch out Government! I’ll have to recruit a bigger team. I’m on my way to Ontario for some hard-nosed detective work!

“I guess it takes a Hollywood fictional character to come to Ontario to find out for the taxpayers what their Government is doing.”

Next: Veronica Mars Joined By Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Marpole and Mike Hammer!

Victor Schwartzman is a retired Human Rights Officer and writer who lives in Vancouver. You can read his graphic novel, The Winnipeg Weakly Herald, which is now being serialized on the great Canadian literature site, He also writes a monthly poetry review column for Target Audience Magazine (