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Lieutenant Governor General Tosses Government On AODA!

By Victor Schwartzman
July 22, 2013

A delegation of community advocates who pushed the Government to create AODA met with the Lieutenant Governor General for Ontario, the Honourable David Charles Onley. The advocates petitioned Onley to dismiss the current Government.


The Government had ignored its own AODA legislation in not appointing a new Independent Review-by ignoring the laws it was elected to enforce, the Government could no longer be held responsible for enforcing any laws.

Lieutenant Governor General Onley agreed, citing the Government’s failure to explain its actions, and dismissed the Liberal Government of Ontario.

With the Liberal Government disbanded, the Lieutenant Governor General received petitions from the other Provincial parties to form a new
Government. However, Onley determined that the other parties were no better on AODA and enforcing other laws, so he refused to appoint any of them.

Instead, Onley appointed community advocates on various issues who lived in each riding to represent that riding.

The advocates from different backgrounds and issues worked together in the Legislature.

On AODA, a new Independent Review was appointed and staff hired to review submitted forms. Access and business improved at the same

The new Government was honest and open and held daily media conferences to keep the public informed. It became very popular.

When he saw what was happening in Ontario, Stephen Harper’s heart melted, as much as it could, and he made access a national issue.

The federal and each provincial Government reviewed access and hiring situations. Similar legislation to the Americans for Disabilities Act was created everywhere in Canada. The unemployment rate among people with disabilities fell to the general national average and the economy boomed.

Housing for people with disabilities was scattered throughout communities rather than being isolated in ghettos. All laws were enforced equally, no matter the wealth or class of the person.

First Nations people had their treaties honoured. Less energy was used and the climate improved.

Donald Trump ate a cursed apple and fell into a deep sleep and no princess would kiss him to wake him up.

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