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NDP Demands Liberal Government Enforce Accessibility Law for Ontarians With Disabilities

Nov 18, 2015 – 12:04 AM

Today, Ontario NDP Infrastructure Critic Taras Natyshak demanded the premier and the Liberal government enforce a law meant to increase accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities.

“The government has announced that it is looking for public input into setting up a third-party certification program for compliance with Ontario’s accessibility legislation, the AODA. By third party, of course, this government means privatization and any input is already being considered through this lens,” Natyshak said.

“This government shouldn’t be interested in accessibility for Ontarians facing barriers because it’s commercially viable or opens new markets; the government should be invested because it’s, in fact, the law.

“How will this government ensure, 10 years after, that the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act will finally be enforced?

Natyshak challenged the Liberal government’s lack of action when it comes to helping Ontarians facing accessibility barriers.

“We know the barriers that people with injuries face. Disability advocates have been clear that they don’t need certification; they need enforcements of the AODA. What does it matter if a source of the barrier has been certified? How will you enforce the AODA?”

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