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New Wynne Government Starts Off Positively!

By Pollyanna, as told to Victor Schwartzman
July 5, 2014

The very best possible news on the Ontario disability/access situation came recently when the new Minister responsible for implementing AODA was announced.

Supporters of AODA, which was proclaimed in 2005 but has been missing in action since, cheered when they heard who the new Minister was.

This is so wonderful. Golly!

The new Minister is Brad Duguid.

His name has me playing the Glad Game! That is what I call seeing the best in everything! And the new Minister being Duguid is an exciting new development! It is absolutely so swell!

Of course you immediately understand why. The new Minister is Duguid. Say it out loud. He is Duguid. He will Do Good! Do good, do good, do good!

That is how the Glad Game works! Keep saying it and you will see the best in everything!

Mr. Duguid’s name is reason for applause, and indeed we applaud him, welcome him in his new responsibilities, and wish him the best. Duguid. Do good. This is so exciting! I do not know anything about him.
I guess maybe he was in the Government already, probably even a Minister, though I don’t remember hearing much about him. Does it matter? Eric Hoskins had a fine background but that did not matter when it came to implementing AODA. With Minister Hoskins I had to play the Glad Game every day!

Some tell me, “Oh Pollyanna, you’re just being your positive self again.”

What is wrong with being positive? And some say they are not sure Duguid is pronounced “do good”, but I am almost certainly positive it is, and these days, that is plenty “guid” enough for me!

Why? Why is it wonderful the new Minister is named Duguid? Because it is the most striking, direct message ever from a Liberal Government about its AODA intentions! Do good!

When it comes to implementing AODA, what a positive message to send to the public. How more direct and obvious can you get? This is so bold!

I do believe that it must mean that the history of previous Liberal Governments dragging their footsies on implementing AODA will now end. Why else would Premier Wynne appoint someone with the name Duguid if she did not intend to do good?

A few cynics I know tell me I am grasping at straws. They say the politicians who were re-elected or elected to form the current majority Government are pretty much the same bunch who encouraged the creation of AODA and then freaked out about it becoming reality. That there is no
reason to expect that the new majority Government will do any more in implementing AODA than the previous Liberal Governments. They say I am desperate for good news on the Ontario access front.

But I am not desperate. I am simply looking for obvious signs. Yes, there has been no direct announcement about AODA. Our last Minister, when he was forced to reveal most businesses had missed AODA deadlines, sent a few of them stern letters. I thought the stern letters were very much part of a Glad Game, and a very good sign that the Minister was putting something in writing.

Maybe the new Minister Duguid will do good by sending out even more letters!!

Let’s all play the Glad Game together!

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Victor Schwartzman contributes this weekly satiric column to Accessibility News nothing in these columns is true except what they are about. His graphic novel (where each chapter is one issue of a community newspaper) is serialized on the great Canadian lit site, . He also contributes a monthly poetry review to .

He has had poetry and short fiction published, and has edited novels. His email is