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Ontario Government Announces Bold New Move Towards AODA Transparency!

By Victor Schwartzman  
May 19, 2013

Stung by criticism that the implementation of AODA has not been transparent, the Ontario Government responded on May 19 by announcing it would cover the entire Legislature in clear plastic wrap.  The Government stated that now its critics will be able to see just how transparent the Government’s AODA implementation is.   

The project required a significant amount of clear plastic wrap, given the size of the Legislature.

Wrap had to be taken from other Government areas which are transparent.  The removal of the wrap caused serious concerns, especially at the Department of Health. 

With the doors no longer wrapped, advocates could get into the Health buildings, creating a public relations emergency. 

To restore the Department of Health to its previous transparency, on an emergency basis plastic wrap was flown in from the Prime Minister’s Office. 

While this eased the problems at Health, the removal of the transparency protection caused significant problems for the PMO, leading to a resignation.

Fortunately for the Prime Minister, the lack of plastic wrap at the PMO appears to have been balanced by his Teflon coating.   

In further news, the Ontario Government announced it is moving ahead on other AODA fronts. 

Newly minted Premier Obi Wynne Kenobi stated, “Since I won’t be
assigning any new staff to implement AODA, I am proud to announce that instead I will use the Force.  Using the power of the Force I will move the AODA accommodation forms from one office to another, so no one can say they are just sitting there. 

Furthermore, now that the old Empire is gone, I am committed to making the Death Star wheelchair accessible.”

Critics responded to the announcements by stating that their concerns about transparency appear to have been misunderstood.  The Government responded by stating it did not know what they meant, and invited them to join a two year community consultation process on transparency. 

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