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The Ballad of AODA

By Victor Schwartzman
November 24, 2013

Today we sing the ballad of AODA
be warned however there is a loada
crap, lies and deviltry at play
that led this access law far astray

AODA was to make access better
in work, services and whatever
desperately needed by many people
to help with a thing some call equal

Law AODA became in 2005
immediately it then took a dive
into the hole of government
where laws are twisted and then bent

After years an AODA reviewer
put the government on a skewer
for letting AODA go nowhere fast
leaving again disabled folks last

Then the government failed a deadline
for a new review to start on time
and its failure reached a peak
it was National Access Awareness Week

Its attitude now bordered on desperation
demanding money for AODA information
the fee was fought, the govt shamed
so finally names can now be named

Seventy percent was the norm
for companies ignoring required forms
suffering no penalty not even a dime
they learned law breaking was no crime

Minister Hoskins feels very bad
releasing information makes him so sad
he asks with wonder how he missed this
AODA ignored by Ontario business

Hoskins says the government does know
AODA compliance is “unacceptably low”
and that he isn’t “doing enough”
(prior statements were all fluff)

ENOUGH ALREADY. Not to be crass
but Minister Hoskins sits on his ass
lying all along about enforcement
do you wonder where honesty went?

The promise of AODA remains
despite years of failure leaving a stain
it is time to end all introspection
and get to work on a new election

Next week: AODA: Why Neglect Is Good And Other Delusions

Victor Schwartzman contributes this weekly satiric column to Accessibility News–nothing in these columns is true except what they are about. His graphic novel (where each chapter is one issue of a community newspaper) is serialized on the great Canadian lit site, He also contributes a monthly poetry review to the online magazine, Target Audience (, has had poetry and short fiction published (by someone else), and has edited novels.