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The World Of Duguidcraft: A Brief Walkthrough

By Victor Schwartzman
September 11, 2014

The World of Duguidcraft, a new online game, is a lot of fun! This walkthrough will give gamers the basics. Anyone who avoids many games because of the emphasis on violence will love The World of Duguidcraft. Not only is there no violence, you score points as a politician by avoiding the other players, who are all advocates.

Similar in structure to other online games such as World of Warcraft, this game is different in that you do not play in a fantasy world as a killer or thief. You play in a real world as a politician. You do not kill enemies but as the politician you do get bonuses for destroying “hope” points. The game is designed for you to play as Brad Duguid, the Minister who recently became responsible for implementing AODA. You can choose other characters, all advocates, but it is nearly impossible to win. Also, the game is not nearly as much fun playing as an advocate.

So you begin as Duguid. You are a Level One Minister, and it is right after the latest Ontario election. Having previously been a Minister, you have already accumulated the following levels in key character areas:

  • Charm 8
  • Intelligence 5
  • Agility 7
  • Honesty 2
  • Dishonesty 8

The game’s goal as Duguid is to win re-election. The goal for any other character is to get AODA implemented. To win, your character must build up points and skill levels. In The World of Duguidcraft, defeating opponents as the politician simply means outlasting them. As Brad Duguid all that counts is being re-elected. You do that by out-maneuvering opponents as the clock ticks to the next election. Danger comes from antagonizing any elements which would affect your re-election.

If you do try to implement AODA, be warned that the game creates additional opponents and more hurdles. To succeed as Minister Duguid, the less you do on AODA the better!

Playing online, your correspondent (me) spent several days in The World of Duguidcraft, and an experience it was! I decided to begin by copying the real Minister Duguid’s actions, and see how far that got me in the game.

A big tip: you score points for each day you are not involved in AODA in any way. So as Minister Duguid you can rack up points just by sitting there, but that will not get you to the goal. There are consistent pressures built into the game requiring your response. So periodically the advocates try to force an issue, but remember that it is best to talk but do nothing. To win as Minister Duguid, you must be active but in an inactive way.

I had to build up the levels of charm and agility (agility: avoiding people.) Increasing intelligence did not matter much, so don’t bother. The higher your honesty level was, the more difficult it was to play, so building your dishonesty numbers is important. The best way to gain points and level up is in the side quests.

For example, I was able to go up a whole level after I responded to the AODA Alliance’s 4700+ word letter with a tiny 162 word letter that did not provide the requested information. In another quest, I scored big when I wrote to the AODA Alliance of meeting them, but let months go by without scheduling a meeting. A third quest had me avoiding saying anything on the new subway plans in Toronto.

The fourth has me struggling. It involves the upcoming report from Dean Moran, the new Independent Reviewer of AODA implementation. You would not believe the twists and turns I am going through to avoid doing anything on AODA before that report is issued! Fortunately, the AI intelligence for the media in particular seems weak.

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