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TTC Doesn’t Have Money to Make All Subway Stops Accessible

By Alan Carter Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

TORONTO Despite provincial legislation commanding the TTC to make all 69 subway stops in Toronto accessible to people with disabilities, the commission says there is simply not enough money to complete the job.

“The TTC is still committed to being fully accessible,” Brad Ross, a spokesperson for the TTC said.
He added the TTC is lobbying the Liberal government for more money to comply with rules the province itself enacted.

“It doesn’t reflect well on this city that we haven’t done it” says Peter Athanasopoulus, the manager of public relations for Spinal Cord Ontario told Global News. He uses a wheelchair, and says getting around the city on transit requires creative thinking to avoid the 34 subway stops that currently have no elevator access.

Dufferin and Lawrence West Stations will both have elevators by the end of 2014 as those stations are retrofitted, but the TTC says safety upgrades must come before completing the so called Easier Access program.

According to the Commission’s latest report, it needs $240 million dollars more to retrofit the last remaining stations by 2015.

Stations below currently have funding for construction in the TTC 2014 2023 Capital Budget:

  • Station Dufferin Complete by 2014
  • Station Lawrence West Complete by2014
  • Station St. Clair West Complete by2016
  • Station Woodbine Complete by 2017
  • Station Coxwell Complete by 2017
  • Station Ossington Complete by 2017
  • Station Royal York Complete by 2017
  • Station Wilson Complete by 2017
  • Station Runnymede Complete by 2018
  • Station King Complete by 2018
  • Station Yorkdale Complete by 2018
  • Station Dupont Complete by 2019
  • Station Donlands Complete by 2019
  • Station Bay Complete by 2019
  • Station St. Patrick Complete by 2020
  • Station Sherbourne Complete by 2020
  • Station Lawrence Complete by 2020

Stations below do not have funding for construction in the TTC 2014 2023 Capital Budget:

  • Station Greenwood Complete by 2020
  • Station Wellesley Complete by2021
  • Station Lansdowne Complete by2021
  • Station Keele Complete by 2021
  • Station College Complete by 2022
  • Station Spadina Complete by 2022
    Station Chester Complete by 2022
  • Station Christie Complete by 2023
  • Station Castle Frank Complete by 2023
  • Station Summerhill Complete by 2023
  • Station High Park Complete by 2023
  • Station Museum Complete by 2024
  • Station Rosedale Complete by 2024
  • Station Old Mill Complete by 2024
  • Station Glencairn Complete by 2025
  • Station Warden Complete by 2025
  • Station Islington complete by 2025

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