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AODA Alliance Makes Presentation to Standing Committee of Manitoba Legislature on Need for Strong Accessibility Legislation

June 30, 2011


On the evening of Monday, June 13, 2011, the AODA Alliance made a 15-minute presentation to the Human Resources Standing Committee of the Manitoba Legislature on the need for strong, effective accessibility legislation. On quite short notice, the Standing Committee was holding public hearings on Bill 47, entitled “The Accessibility Advisory Council Act and Amendments to The Government Purchases Act.” The text of our presentation, and of Bill 47, is set out below.

Government Cancels Fund to Accommodate Ontario Public Servants With Disabilities in the Workplace – But Restores it When AODA Alliance Challenges its Cancellation

June 28, 2011


Here is a very troubling recent incident. It shows the need for all of us to keep on our toes, lest we lose ground in the ongoing campaign for a fully accessible Ontario.

For over two decades the Ontario Government has commendably maintained a central fund to pay for the cost of accommodating the workplace needs of Ontario Public Service employees with disabilities. This Employment Accommodation Fund has made a real and positive difference for persons with disabilities seeking jobs in the Ontario Public Service.

Complying with the Integrated Accessibility Regulation (IAR): Captioning and Describing Web Videos

By Geof Collis
June 28, 2011
Now that the Integrated Accessibility Regulation (IAR) is Law it is time to start implementing an often overlooked aspect of Web Accessibility, Captioning and Describing Web Video.

The good folks at Inclusive Media & Design, Inc. have compiled some Tips for you to consider and also have the solution for implementation.

Ten Reasons to Caption your Web Videos:

  • Captions compensate for noisy backgrounds or where sound isn’t allowed.
  • They provide a solution for poor audio quality.

Service Animals and People With Disabilities – AODA Best Practices

Author: Suzanne Cohen Share
Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 at 09:00

In Ontario there is a regulation called the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service. One of the requirements of this regulation is that persons with
disabilities are allowed to enter your organization’s public premises with a service animal. A person should be able to remain with the animal unless otherwise excluded by law. If the animal is excluded by law, you must have another measure available to enable the person to obtain, use or benefit from your organization’s goods or services. Note, a service animal is not a pet; he or she is a working animal and must not be excluded under your no-pets policy.

Ontario Business Faces Accessibility Laws

Legislation aside, it’s simply good business for all organizations to commit to full accessibility.

Melissa Magder · Feb. 18, 2011 | Last Updated: Feb. 25, 2011 12:14 PM ET

While other provinces are in the process of examining accessibility laws, Ontario is so far the only province that has legislated the removal of all barriers to access in the public and private sectors.


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