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Accessibility Laws Not Enforced:Advocates

TORONTO – Accessibility advocates say the Ontario government is falling far short of recent promises to help make the province’s businesses friendlier to people with disabilities.

Premier Kathleen Wynne wrote a letter to one advocacy group last May in which she promised the Liberals would both establish and publicize a toll-free number the public could use to report businesses that weren’t complying with accessibility laws.

But a spokesman with the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure confirmed that the government opted instead to simply “enhance” tracking systems on an existing phone line used to share general information on access regulations.

Glen Padassery says reports filed through the line will be used primarily for trend analysis rather than enforcement.

He says the new systems were implemented within the past six to eight months, but the advocacy group that received Wynne’s letter says it did not learn of the changes until last month.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance says the government is bungling an opportunity to make sure businesses can properly serve the needs of disabled residents.

By The Canadian Press

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