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AODA Alliance Update: Three Quick Ways You Can Help Promote Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

April 29, 2011


Please take a few moments to help our campaign for a fully-accessible Ontario. We here recap three quick and easy actions you can take to help our campaign.


1. Make sure your Polling Station in the October 2011 Ontario Election is Fully Accessible

You only have until May 6, 2011 to let Elections Ontario know if their proposed location of your polling station is fully accessible, or if it needs to be changed. To see where Elections Ontario plans to locate your polling station check out this link:

With the Canadian general election almost here, we are all reminded of the importance for polling stations to be fully accessible. These barriers cannot be fixed after the election is over. Here’s our chance in advance of the October Ontario general election to make sure that Elections Ontario gets it right this time.

We regret that the link we gave you in an earlier update for looking up your proposed polling stations in the October Ontario general election was slightly incorrect.

For more information on this issue, and to find out how to give Elections Ontario your feedback, please visit:

2. Tell the McGuinty Government to Strengthen its Proposed Integrated Accessibility Regulation

Please take a moment to urge the McGuinty Government to strengthen the regulation it has proposed to create accessible transportation, employment, and information and communication in Ontario. For the addresses to write, and further background, visit:

One way to help is to download and distribute our 1-page leaflet that advocates for a strong accessibility standard. You can distribute it in hard copy or via email. You can find our leaflet at:

3. Urge your City or Town to Distance Itself from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s Call to Weaken the McGuinty Government’s Proposed Accessibility Regulation

Please urge your mayor, your city councilor, your city council, and its Accessibility Advisory Committee to distance themselves from the troubling call by AMO to weaken the McGuinty Government’s proposed accessibility regulation. For more information on this, visit:

Let us know what responses you get from action on any of these suggestions. We appreciate any help you can give.

If you don’t now receive our updates directly from us, sign up for AODA Alliance e-mail updates by writing to our new email address:
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