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AODA Enforcement: Where is it?

Geof Collis
October 26, 2012

Have you been affected by an Accessibility issue that is not being addressed under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).?

The Government should have appointed Inspectors under the Act by now to enforce the Law:

18. (1) The Deputy Minister shall appoint one or more inspectors for the purposes
of this Act and the regulations within a reasonable time after the first accessibility standard is established under section 6.

Organizations have current and ongoing obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code respecting non-discrimination. The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation and the Customer Service Standard do not replace or affect existing legal obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code and other laws in respect to accommodation of people with disabilities. Organizations must comply with both pieces of legislation.

Well it’s obvious that not much is going to happen anytime soon with regards to the Government enforcing the AODA given the current situation at Queens Park.

If the pundits are right the House wont start sitting until May of next year and there will then be an Election some time after that, the conservative estimate is that it wont be till next Fall when we might see a Government sitting again.

So what does one do short of filing a Human Rights complaint which is also a hurdle in itself thanks to the McGuinty Government meddling with it?

A website,, has been created to document your accessibility issues as a matter of Public record until such time as they full extent of the AODA can be brought to bear on Organizations taking advantage of non enforcement, sad as it is that this is even happening.

While it might not be a perfect solution it might be a good vehicle to ‘shame’ organizations to do the right thing and address accessibility issues as if the Law was actually being enforced. When Fines do start to be levied then they wont be able to say that they weren’t aware of the issue because it will have been documented on Record in the Public domain for all to have seen.

To set up an account go to register an account and file your complaint today.

Remember, you are responsible for any info and complaints you add to the site, so post wisely.