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Building Capacity the Wrong Way

by Mark Wafer
Posted March 20, 2013

As i travel across the country speaking with corporations , especially HR specialists , i have began to see a pattern with some companies with Federal contracts who are legislated by the employment equity act to report certain criteria to the federal gov’t, one being the number of employees with disabilities. This is pretty simple. Hire PWD’s in meaningful and competitively paid positions and report this to the Feds…..but…..theres a wrong way and some companies are guilty of this.

The chronic unemployment rate for PWD’s is an economic problem, i think everyone gets that by now so the only way to solve this is to get PWD’s off of benefits and create new taxpayers but here is what i have discovered from some corporations.

Surveys are completed with current employees to determine a base line of how many employees have a disability. The survey has the employees name on it. Of course after the survey is returned, the corporations submission to the Federal Gov’t is inadequate so they do the survey again, this time anonymously and receive a higher number in return. Again the submission is inadequate so for the third year the survey has a different definition of disability and this time the corporation meets or exceeds the numbers expected by the federal gov’t.

High fives all around….except not a single PWD was hired.

There is only one way to build capacity and benefit from employing PWD’s….just do it.