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CBC Radio1 Ottawa Interviews Minister Meilleur on the Customer Care Standard

By Geof Collis
January 9, 2010

On December 31, 2009 CBC Radio1 Ottawa interviewed Minister Meilleur regarding the then soon to become Law Customer Care Standard. I was also interviewd after she spoke, you can listen to the interview or download it.

What I found interesting after listening to it afterwards was Minister Meilleurs’ response when the Host asked about enforcement. It appeared to me that she was using the Disability Communityes spending power as a reason for Business to implement accessibility and enforcement was secondary.

The Ninister says that she wants to work with business before levying fines, sort of like them doing it voluntarily, but isn’t that the reason we are where we are today? They didn’t do it voluntarily before the AODA, we had spending power before and it didn’t work then so why should it work any better now.

Seems to me that the “Teeth” that was supposed to be in the AODA are sitting on the nightstand in a glass of water.



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