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City not compliant on transit access

Tue Feb 21, 2012
Judi Mansfield-Jones, Hamilton

On Wednesday, my daughter Kristin and I presented a petition to City Hall on behalf of the Developmental Services Transportation Committee. The petition supports equal access to DARTS for all disabled adults.

In 2008, council passed a motion to revise the eligibility criteria for DARTS to comply with Human Rights and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act regulations for implementing a fair and equitable transportation system for all Hamiltonians. To date, access to DARTS remains restricted and not available to all disabled adults.

While funding has been provided for Alzheimer and dialysis individuals, it continues to be unavailable to vulnerable developmentally disabled adults.

There are few and limited community services and programs for developmentally disabled adults. When a service or program is actually acquired, arranging transportation to and from such programs is exceptionally difficult. Being able to participate and be included in the community is extremely important to everyone.

Transportation must be accessible, regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

This disabled demographic is told there is limited funding to allow them access. Funding to provide this access should come from the same source as the funding provided for Alzheimer and dialysis individuals.

Why is there a double standard for accessing DARTS?

What will it take to make the city legislatively compliant?

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