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Is Your Restaurant Pan Am or Para Pan Am Games Ready?

Is it compliant according to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act? May 27, 2015
Geof Collis

This summer Toronto will be welcomeing hundreds of thousands of tourists, including tourists with disabilities, to enjoy the 2015 Toronto Pan/ParaPan American Games.

“Unlike the Olympics in Vancouver BC or London England, the Government has no comprehensive plan in place to ensure that we have adequate accessible restaurants, public transit, hotels and other tourism and hospitality services to meet the needs of an influx of tourists with disabilities at this major international sporting event.”

AODA Alliance

So is your Establishment ready for this influx of Disable Tourists?

Is it Wheelchair Accessible? Do you have Braille, Large Print Menus?

Will you be able to accommodate all of this extra business or will they just walk on by to your competition that is Accessible?

aMENU can help you make these Tourists with Disabilities feel attracted to your establishment.

By adding your Menu to you not only give them an Accessible Menu that can replace Large Print, Braille, High Contrast or be translated quickly into other languages all via their Mobile Devices.

You can let them know if you are WheelChair Accessible, where you are located so they can find you on Google Maps using the easy to use form on every Menu.

Just as Yellow Pages is a Directory of Business, aMENU is an online Directory of Restaurant/Hotel Menus, no need for them to search all over the Web, they just go to do a search for the kind of cuisine or location and there’ you’ll be if you have signed up!

Establishments like Wildfire, the Eaton Chelsea Hotel, CN Tower and P.J. O’briens to name just a few.

Because aMENU is Search Engine friendly chances are you’ll show up on the first page if you’ve been their long enough, just Google “boston pizza menu”, “cn tower menu” or “eaton chelsea menu” and see for yourself,

Dont miss out, head on over to and get your Menu up in time to take advantage of the increased business Restaurants and Hotels will benefit from when the Games come to town!.

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