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Loss of Full-Serve Stations Hurts Seniors, Disabled: Council

Stouffville mayor wants province to act

By Sandra Bolan
Jun 10, 2011 – 9:28 AM

When Main Street’s Beaver gas station re-opens in October under the Shell name, disabled drivers will have to call ahead for assistance at the pumps.

Shell Canada has received site plan approval from the town to overhaul the site and develop a 1,984-square-foot convenience store with four gas pumps,
all of which will be self serve.

No date was given for the closure, which is expected to take place this summer.

This move leaves Stouffville residents with one full-serve station, the Petro-Canada at Main Street and Tenth Line and a couple of councillors concerned.
“The push has to be from our accessibility committees to say something to the province of Ontario to consider the disability of anybody,” said Mayor Wayne

Councillor Phil Bannon said calling ahead is a disconnect, especially since the municipality is trying to create a barrier-free town.

Under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, all municipalities must work towards the prevention, identification and removal of barriers on municipal
properties that restrict opportunities for people with disabilities.

Shell Canada’s policy on assisting the disabled at self-serve stations is this: “staff will make every effort to help customers displaying disabled parking
permits with refuelling. Please identify yourself to one of our gas station attendants. We also encourage you to contact your local station to discuss
your individual needs as some stations have limited staff and payment access.”

Mr. Bannon noted people can’t always plan ahead when it comes to running out of gas.

Mr. Emmerson also said it is not just drivers with mobility issues who cannot easily enter or exit a vehicle, who are affected, but it’s also seniors who
can’t squeeze the pump.

A report is expected to come to council in September regarding the overall issue of barrier-free accessibility for gas stations.

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