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Media Release: AODA Failure Due To Government’s Disability

By Victor Schwartzman  
June 17, 2013

Weeks ago, the Ontario Government failed to meet a legislated deadline to appoint an Independent Review of AODA implementation.  Since that failure, there has been silence from the Government on the issue.  That silence has now been broken.  

In a media release dated June 18, 2013, Eric Hoskins, the Minister responsible, wrote that “The Ontario Government has not appointed an Independent Review or even made an announcement because the Government itself has a disability.  

“We appreciate some people will ask how an entire Government can have a disability.  First, our preferred terminology is that the Government is disabled. 
“In any event, when it was pointed out by community groups that we failed to meet the deadline to appoint the new Independent Review, we were shocked. 

Even though community groups had pressured us for months in advance, the deadline somehow just came and went.  And it was even during National Access Awareness Week.  The situation, when pointed out to us, was so awful that the Ontario Government was stunned speechless.   

“And, anticipating the criticism that we could have written something, the Ontario Government was also stunned writeless.   

“The Government is embarrassed about these failures and is claiming disabilities in speech and writing.  We must go to the core of these failures.  And that core is that the Government appears to have mental health challenges.   

“The Government feels read bad it has violated its own law.  Why would we say one thing and do another?  To understand why, we have we have hired psychologists familiar with The Three Faces of Eve, given that the Government appears to suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder—one personality for community advocates, another for the business community, another for the legislature, and so on.     

“Naturally, everyone must understand that therapy takes time.  The healing has begun.  One of our personalities will get back to you on the Government’s progress.  And about AODA, too.”   

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