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New Map Makes Hamilton CBD More Accessible

useworks Media Tuesday, 10 September, 2013 – 12:29

New Zealand: A new map developed by Hamilton City Council will help people with disabilities find their way around the CBD more easily.

The fold-out A3 map is a product of Council’s Community Development and Leisure Unit, and includes a range of information people with disabilities will find useful, says Social Development Advisor Hannah Banks.

“Our map aims to make it easier for people with disabilities to enjoy the CBD. It includes information on mobility car park spaces, ATMs which ‘talk’ to customers, and notes locations for accessible cafes and toilets,” she says.

The map, produced by Taylored Accessibility Solutions, also includes indications of which streets and paths have steep gradients, plus general information such as the location of bus stops, Citizens Advice Bureau and medical services.

CCS Disability spokesman Roger Loveless says the map will give people with disabilities visiting and living in the city a much better appreciation of the variety and location of accessible venues.

“The map also brings together a lot of information that previously was scattered around different information sources,” he says.

The map will be distributed through Hamilton’s community centres, disability organisations, libraries, Hamilton’s iSite tourism office, and will also be available for download from Hamilton City Council’s website.

An etext or text-only version is currently being developed by the NZ Foundation for the Blind so blind and visually impaired people can use screen reading software to read it.

Production of the map was made possible through funding assistance from the Ministry of Social Development.

The map can be downloaded from

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