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Ontario: AODA Activists Are Anti-Environment

By Victor Schwartzman 
July 1, 2013

Minister Eric Hoskins held a media conference to provide new information on the latest AODA situation.  To date, the Ontario Government has neither met its legal requirement to appoint an Independent Review of its implementation of the landmark AODA legislation, nor has it explained its failure. 

After media demands that he answer questions, Minister Hoskins called the conference.

The conference began with journalists being issued a media release: “The Ontario Government says it is progressive.  To demonstrate our commitment to saying things, we came up with an environmentally friendly green plan to recycle paper by using it as fuel to heat the Legislature.

Our plan is to take all of the AODA forms we have collected and, before we appoint another Independent Review, burn them.   

“The forms have already been reviewed internally.  There is no need to wait for the Independent Review while the Legislature suffers from climate change.

Why wait to help the environment?  With our plan the forms will be of more use than now, just sitting somewhere.  (It is not true they have been misplaced. We are sure where most of them are.)     

“Unfortunately, our plans were leaked to community advocates who are fighting our plan.  The Ontario Government regrets that AODA advocates are anti-environment.

Their concern that the Independent Review should see these forms is simply a smoke screen.  Obviously, the real agenda of AODA advocates is to further climate change.   

“AODA advocates are also against the economy, as burning the forms would create jobs. Burning the forms will also improve our trade with China.”   

After the journalists read the release, the Minister waited for questions. 

The first was “Minister, it’s July.  The Legislature is currently air-conditioned. 
Why burn the AODA forms now?”   

The Minister smiled and held up his middle finger, to indicate ‘first word’.  Journalists then recalled that all media conferences with the Minister on
AODA were to be conducted as charades. 

The journalist then acted out her question.  It did not take long for the Minister to guess the question, as she had just said it out loud.   

Minister Hoskins’ response got as far as: “That is a very good question.  Thank you.  I appreciate this opportunity to communicate with the media in the most effective manner possible from the Government’s point of view.  Now, in response to your specific question, I am sorry I forgot what you said ”—when time ran out and the Minister had to end the media conference.     

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