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Ontario Government Breaks Silence on AODA

By Victor Schwartzman  
June 24, 2013

Today the Ontario Government held a media conference to break its silence on the failure to appoint a new Independent Review of the Government’s implementation of AODA.

The Minister responsible, Eric Hoskins, stood in front of the assembled journalists and began the media conference by holding
up the middle finger of his right hand.   

His aide, standing next to him, said to the assembled journalists, “First word.  Of four words. I will now act as an interpreter for the sight impaired.

The Minister is pointing to himself.

”  A  journalist quickly guessed “I.”   

Minister Hoskins then held up two fingers.  His aide said, “Second word.

Minister Hoskins is holding something, now he’s making a snapping movement.” 

A second journalist guessed “break.”   

The Minister then held up three fingers and pointed to himself.

It took a few moments for the journalists to guess he meant “my” and not “I” or “me” or “Eric.”     

It took the Minister 69 minutes to complete his opening statement: “I break my silence on AODA.  The Ontario Government is transparent and willing to communicate. 

We have always been honest [this word required multiple hints before the journalists guessed it] in communicating our intentions about developing and implementing the AODA legislation.  There are many questions we know you want answered.  And we will answer them today, in our own way. 

We have decided to conduct this and all future media conferences as a charade.”   

Minister Hoskins then opened the media conference to questions.   

Unfortunately, the very first question from a journalist proved a stumbling block for the Minister, as he was unable to guess what the journalist was asking before time ran out and the media conference ended.   

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