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Ontario Government Floats AODA Trial Dirigible

By Victor Schwartzman   
June 10, 2013

Eric Hoskins, the Minister responsible for implementing AODA legislation designed to ensure reasonable access in Ontario by 2025, announced on June 7, 2013 that the delay in appointing an Independent Review of AODA implementation was part of a larger government plan on access for people who have disabilities. 

“The delay is a little trial we named The Hindenburg Project.  We sent up into the sky the possibility of implementing AODA and then blew it up.  We wanted to see how people would react.” 

Minister Hoskins explained, “The last Independent Review said we were not doing enough and needed to show leadership. We thought about that a lot.  How can we show the community, including the business community, how serious we are about implementing AODA?  The answer?  Demonstrate the Government’s intentions by delaying or perhaps not even appointing an Independent Review at all. 

“Ignoring our own law will help speed AODA implementation.” 

When asked how, Minister Hoskins stated “It is very simple.  The drive for AODA came from years of pressure from the community.  This is an example of the free market at work.  The Government should not interfere with this wonderful process, but instead continue to inspire the business community and service providers. 

“We do have plans for an Independent Review.  The delay has been due to the sweeping new powers we will provide to the new and improved Independent Review. 

With its new powers the Independent Review and the person we appoint will be able to sweep criticisms away.  In fact, we have already purchased a very large rug to be lifted when we sweep the criticisms.” 

Minister Hoskins also stated that “This is just the beginning.  We have gotten away with ignoring the law.  New plans are being developed for other laws we can ignore. 

First off, of course, we are looking at MLAs’ expense account requirements. 

Next, which conflict of interest legislation is proving way too conflicting?  We have many new, exciting plans!” 

The Minister promised there would be further announcements when the Government felt like informing people. 

Next:  what could possibly be next??