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Potential Changes for the Next Edition of the Building Code: First Round of Consultation (October – November 2010)

Posted to site October 15, 2010

The Building Code Act, 1992 (the Act) is the legislative framework governing the construction, renovation, change of use and demolition of buildings in
Ontario.  The Building Code is a regulation authorized by the Act, and sets out detailed administrative and technical requirements.
The current edition of the Building Code was released in 2006. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) has begun work on the development of
the next edition of the Building Code. Consistent with broader government priorities, the main themes of the next edition are expected to include support
for the economy, promoting a greener Ontario, enhancing barrier-free accessibility and increasing public safety.

It is anticipated that the next edition of the Building Code will be filed with the Registrar of Regulations by mid 2011.

Public consultations play a key role in the development of the Building Code, and MMAH is seeking your views on potential changes that might be included in the next edition. 

This paper supports the first of two public consultations planned as part of the development of the next edition of the Building Code. The first round
of consultation sets out potential changes that reflect changes being made to the model National Building Code, model National Plumbing Code, and other Ontario-specific Code change requests submitted to MMAH by industry stakeholders and the public. 

The second round of consultation will focus on key Building Code areas where potential changes are still undergoing development.  These areas include: energy and water conservation, and barrier-free accessibility.  Further details will be set out in a future consultation paper to be released for the second round of consultation on the next edition of the Building Code.

Potential changes related to resource conservation will take into account strategic advice to be submitted by the Building Code Energy Advisory Council. 

It is anticipated that these changes will reference the new National Energy Code for Buildings, which is currently under development.

Potential changes related to barrier-free accessibility will take into account the proposed standard submitted by the accessible Built Environment Standards Development Committee appointed under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 .

This paper describes Ontario’s Building Code, the Code development process, and the development of the next edition.
It also lists the potential changes included in the first round of consultation and provides a weblink to descriptions of the potential changes on the
Building Code website.  A compact disc setting out potential changes is also available upon request.  Unlike previous Building Code consultations, this
material is not included in the printed version of the consultation paper.  This is in recognition of the significant number of potential changes presented,
and an effort to reduce the “carbon footprint” of the consultation. 

The consultation paper also explains how input on the potential changes can be provided.

This consultation is designed to generate input from building sector stakeholders and the public on the content and timing of Building Code changes. 
Potential changes contained herein do not represent final government policy. Your feedback is important, and will be considered before the government makes final decisions on the proposed amendments to the Building Code.

Ontario works to continuously improve its Building Code in response to the needs of the public, the building sector and the enforcement community, and
to reflect changes in technology.  Your input helps make Ontario’s Building Code better.

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