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Press Release: Inaccessible, Dangerous and Deadly

June 6, 2014
Institute of Canadian Justice

The Province of Ontario get failing grade again by experts for refusing to factor, fund and enforce

public safety and human rights of millions of people with disabilities and seniors that live, work,

play, visit and invest in ontario and its municipalities.

With the provincial election in Ontario on the doorstep, the upcoming municipal elections and the

second statutory legislative review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, much

research and analysis has been done on the state of affairs of accessibility, public safety and

human rights for people with disabilities and seniors particularly in Ontario. The verdict is

back, the grade failed and the gaps of education, expertise and enforcement and dangerous outcomes

are glaringly inaccessible, dangerous and deadly.

The Ontario Government is being sent back to summer school for the meaningful education and

enforcement of human rights and public safety states Gerald Parker-Executive Director of the

Institute of Canadian Justice and long time accessibility expert.

In short, provincial ministries and obligated sectors continue to plan, select, permit and fund

inaccessible barriers despite the Charter of Rights, Ontario Human Rights Code, the AODA, and common

decency and sound planning for the significantly maturing population and our friends, family and

loved ones with disabilities and accessibility requirements.

No new barriers needs no more excuses with real enforcement and adjudication, specified and

operationally relevant education of public service and technical professionals like planners,

engineers, architects, and elections officials and the factoring and funding to do as such by the

Province of Ontario and its obligated sectors and not otherwise as is all too often the dangerous

and deadly case.

The Province of Ontario cannot be allowed to hide, malign and refuse action any longer states

Parker. There is a reason why the Ombudsman now has purview into the municipal, university, school

board and hospital sectors. As I said to the Association of Municipalities for Ontario leadership I

sat on your Committees twenty plus years ago-
you have had 20 years plus to get your house in

order. You refused. This is the result.

Enforcement- because legislation and education has not even constrained the heartless.

Here are some selected but very real, very recent and concerning examples of how the Province of

Ontario and its obligated sectors and professionals are forcing people with disabilities, the

maturing population, communities, friends and families into inaccessible, dangerous and deadly

outcomes. Please be aware that each selected example has nothing less than direct discussion with

the associated Deputy Minister of the Ministry and/or the CAO and Mayor of the noted municipality.

In 2014 despite promises to the contrary the site selection criteria of Elections Ontario returning

offices, advance polls and polling station does not require pedestrian and vehicular access in there

selection and location even for training and employment of elections staff. Read it for yourself

because it has been attached.

Promises have yet again been made but the reality stands Ontarians in 2014 twelve years post the

Ontarians with Disabilities etc. cannot even vote to save or employ themselves never mind exercise

the most quintessential of ones civic duty. The proof is in the pudding and I have received the

calls from Returning Officers afraid and embarrassed for their employees and voters alike.

Today, in the City of London and elsewhere across on-street parking and transcending Highway Traffic

Act protections for accessible parking critical for people with disabilities and seniors integration

is being refused and then very aggressively adjudicated. This because the Ministries of Municipal

Affairs, Service Ontario and unfortunately the otherwise pro-active Ministry of Transportation are

allowing it and literally passing the revenue generated buck around.

As one Deputy Chief of Police said when I was Toronto Polices Accessibility Chair- parking is a cash

cow question is how many utters does it have?

People with disabilities are literally being entrapped and then required to return numerous times to

court and subsequent appeals when the matter is tossed out by a disparaging Judge-states Parker.

The Municipal Act cannot be allowed to transcend constitutional, human rights and public safety laws

and the associated Ministries and Ministers have played hide and go seek with the safety of millions

for far too long. We all know this is systemic discrimination and know it is time for the penalties

of the AODA of a $100, 00 per day per entity and $50,000 per day per Director for such acts be

applied and enforced.

Parker also makes the point that in an underfunded and virtually inaccessible and non-existent

transit systems the Canadian society is vehicular dependent and compounded by refused and also

underfunded accessible pedestrian infrastructure.

He continues to say driving is literally a life line not a privilege for people with disabilities

and our significantly maturing population and their integration and safety. This reality should have

been stopped no later than November 1991 after Parker and others sat on the legislative amending

committee. This is 2014 and 2025 is a joke when 1991 is not respected.

Inaccessible, dangerous, deadly and engaged in SLAPP tactics.

Most Draconian municipal bylaws in all of Canada was the statement of the former Vice Chair of the

London Police Services on CBC Ontario Morning.
Why can Ontarios newest high school site been selected to be on an inaccessible, dangerous and

deadly location further compounded without pedestrian access on the Trans Canada highway?

The Ministry of Education and its Deputy Minister has been in hiding since this revelation. The

site selections, factoring and funding that should include adequate and lawful access and public

safety requirements have been refused. Even alternative solutions have been refused, the

municipality allowed to permit and the result will be injury and fatality never mind systemic

discrimination and now the argument for section 217.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada to be applied

against the signing authorities and commensurately paid professionals, directors and other

determined parties that continue to aid and abet such inaccessible, dangerous and deadly outcomes.

I think those personally responsible for knowingly allowing and negligently refusing solutions

should pay the five million dollar statement of claim and answer directly to the injured and

devastated families.

Pedestrian infrastructure saves lifes and provides accessibility for all, public safety and healthy

Best way to contend with disability is to prevent it and stop allowing municipal Commissioners of

Planning to endanger everyones risk, liability, safety and community enjoyment and utilization.

This is still not happening in 2014 for public projects and schools built for a hundred years, as

community safety hubs and focal points and without even safe school routes or pedestrian access.
Someone is going to be hit by a Fire Truck, aggregate concrete hauler on the Trans Canada and I hate

being Mr. I Told You Soagain! This is Ontarios newest high school most of us are still shaking my

head-the others like the Deputy Minister in hiding.

In 2002 when the Ontarians with Disabilities Act was legislated a clarification was made to the

Province of Ontario in regards to ensuring the legislative mantra of no new barriers had no more

excuses with the funds to factor. What was assured was that accessibility could and should be

factored and funded into the Development Charges Act that provides for new infrastructure from new


In 2014 twelve years after development charges and site plans are still being allowed to not factor

or fund accessibility and municipal CAOs are still making astounding and archaic statements like I

will never make a developer pay for a single piece of sidewalk in this municipality. So, as a

result, in 2014 developments charges will not be available until 2024 at this point-one year before

2025 and the Province of Ontarios promise of full accessibility and municipal general funds are

nickelled and dimed while injuries occur and liability assigned. No factoring, no funds and no

barriers will continue to be inaccessible, dangerous and deadly joke!
This was and remains to be a choice by the political parties in the Province of Ontario and its

public service professionals that so blatantly refuse to act. These realities have no excuses-

Municipal Affairs could of solved this with a memo. They choice to not even return calls or show up

for critical meetings instead.

Today in 2014 when a park is being planned and designed by municipalities they are still being

permitted by Municipal Affairs, Attorney General and the Ontario Human Rights Commission to pivot

parents, people with disabilities, seniors and loved against each other to compete for politicized

public safety and make a choice between playground equipment or pedestrian infrastructure. Swing or

sidewalk Grandma? Running on the highway or safe within the neighbourhood Charlie? These are

inaccessible, dangerous and deadly choices all when places like Brampton are deliberately designing

neighborhoods to contend with obesity and diabetes by providing.pedestrian infrastructure-go


In the final analysis what has been presented and painstakingly provided is that the Province of

Ontario and its transcending human rights, public safety and accessibility legislation and education

of the AODA have failed. Ministries still refuse to be responsive, timely, professional and never

mind accountable-that is a nasty and unacceptable reality no matter what party wins the election.
This is definitely about both the math and the ethics. It is also about Municipal planning

departments and provincial Ministries being allowed to continue to play a very uneducated game of

roulette with accessibility and the dangerous and deadly outcomes are literally piling up. Time for

action and to continue to ensure accessibility, public safety and human rights are not a dangerous

afterthought but a well planned and educated forethought. Otherwise enforcement will be increasingly

demanded to be applied. Too little too late to a grieving and disenfranchised family is exactly


Parker asks that Ontario citizens please call their MPP and the Ministers and Deputy Ministers

responsible and tell them people with disabilities and seniors matter and that the AODA needs real

education, enforcement and leadership-not lip service and hide and go seek games of attrition. Most

of all get out and vote.if you can get there- if you can we say. Justice saying.

Contact Information:

Deputy Minister EDTT
Wendy Tilford-416-325-6927
Deputy Minister of Education
George Zegarac-416-325-2600

Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs
Laurie LeBlanc-416-585-7100 Deputy Attorney General
Patrick Monohan-416-326-2640

Deputy Minister of Transportation
Carol Layton-416-327-9162


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