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Scientists Discover Disabling Gene That Only Affects Politicians and Government Burocrats, Name it ScrewU-itis

By Geof Collis
September 6, 2013

In a study of Politicians and Government Burocrats throughout the Province conducted from 2003 until present, Scientists have discovered a mutated Gene that causes a disease that only manifests itself in this study group, they have given it the name, “ScrewU-itis”.

This disease while it appears to have been around for some time has become prevalent since the inception of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Making promises before Elections that they have no intention of keeping
  • After the Election paying lip service, delaying and making excuses on why they cant keep them
  • Ignoring the subject altogether
  • Adding the title “Honourable” before their names
  • Breaking their own Laws when it suits their needs
  • Deformed hand, notably the middle finger of the prominent hand from flipping the bird at the Disabled whenever the subject of Accessibility and Human Rights arises

They noted the worse cases they have seen of ScrewU-itis were found in the following :

Premier Kathleen Wynne


Minister Eric Hoskins


Greg Essensa, Ontario’s chief electoral officer


As you read through these articles you will find many instances of ScrewU-itis exhibited by the respective people, in some cases as a collective group suggesting that it could be even more dangerous when more infected people get together, for example, Governments or Government Ministries.

After gruelling research Scientists have come to the conlusion that the mutated Gene has removed the complete lack of morals, values and conscience as the cause, they state the only cure is the complete removal of the affected person from Office or Employment.