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Top Ten List Why AODA Has Not Been Implemented

By Victor Schwartzman 
August 19, 2013

We are entering the fourth month (or is it the fifth? when you get into months, does it matter?) of a failure by the Ontario Government to fully implement
AODA, including the appointment of a new Independent Review.  Such a long delay on such an epic scale has many causes.   

Most people do not know all those reasons.  The number one public reason, which everyone knows and understands, is “The Government does not want to spend
the money.”  

However, there are important but less well known reasons why the Government has not fully implemented AODA.  Here are the top ten:  

10.         David Letterman does not have a disability.   

9.            No one outside Government knows what the inside does, so the Government can do nothing.   

8.            Minister Hoskins cannot spell “implement” and keeps confusing it with “impotent.”    

7.            Businesses and governments and donors asked the Government to do nothing, and the Government felt it would be uncollegial

to turn them down.   

6.            The community consultation process on implementation must be completed first.   

5.            Waiting to fund the legislation by selling the movie rights to “AODA Avengers 3D.”   

4.            The Government anticipates an influx of lumberjacks who with their tree cutting equipment are helpful with access.  

3.            Premier Wynne has been too busy meeting advocates on AODA, telling them how much she supports it, to implement it.           

2.            Government staff currently are occupied checking Senators’ expense accounts.   

1.            It’s just some disability issue.   

Next: AODA not implemented because Government cannot remember what the acronym stands for.