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Human Rights Review Bypasses Thunder Bay

Organizers cite lack of interest
CBC News Posted: Feb 20, 2012

An advocacy group is upset Andrew Pinto, the head of an Ontario Human Rights review, is bypassing Thunder Bay. (Pinto Wray James LLP)

A lawyer has been appointed by the Attorney-General to consult the public and visit cities across the province for feedback about the way human rights are enforced.

He decided not to travel to Thunder Bay due to a lack of interest.

David Lepofsky is the chair of the lobby group, Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act Alliance. He blamed poor marketing and poor communication for lack of interest.

“This review has done an extremely paltry job of publicizing the availability of public forum. The only way this has been publicized is by sending an email to a group of people,” he said.

Andrew Pinto is conducting the review. He said he emailed hundreds of organizations with thousands of members.Pinto said enough interest was shown in six other Ontario cities.

“We actually received only one inquiry to come out to Thunder Bay and we have to be responsible for me to fly to Thunder Bay for one meeting,” Pinto said. Pinto said if interest picked up in Thunder Bay, he would set up a consultation in the city.

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