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Accessibility Reports for Public Sector Organizations

Under the AODA, public sector organizations must complete accessibility reports every two years. The next accessibility reports for public sector organizations are due on December 31st, 2021. Moreover, the Ontario government will not give any extensions after December 31st, 2021. Therefore, public sector organizations should try to complete their reports early. In addition, if organizations have technical difficulties, they should let the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility know. The Ministry can help resolve technical problems.

E-scooter Safety Upgrades Still Not Enough, Say Accessibility Advocates

New noises, better technology won’t fix bad rider behaviour, critics say Kimberley Molina · CBC News
Posted: Nov 30, 2021

Kate Riccomini’s introduction to Ottawa’s e-scooter pilot project came when she tripped over one.

Riccomini is partly blind. While she has some sight, her eyes are light-sensitive and she uses a cane to pinpoint anything that might block her way while she’s out for a walk.

County Waste Carts Raise Accessibility Questions for Local Committee

Collingwood resident Kathryn Bloomfield was born with spina bifida, and is confined to a wheelchair.

With the roll out of the new County of Simcoe automated waste collection system which started the week of Nov. 1, many resident concerns that vary in scope have been brought to the forefront about the choice to use a one-size-fits-all approach.

Stunning Sampling of 25 News Articles Show Serious Dangers that Electric Scooters Pose to the Public, Including People with Disabilities, Seniors and Children

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Society for All People with Disabilities

Twitter: @aodaalliance

November 29 2021


Today, the 27th anniversary of the birth of Ontario’s grass roots non-partisan campaign for accessibility for people with disabilities, we show you public overwhelming proof that Ontarians with disabilities are now exposed to a serious and unjustifiable new danger to their safety and accessibility, due to the Ford Government.

Preventing Physical Barriers in School

Currently, there are no AODA education standards. However, two AODA standards development committees have drafted recommendations of guidelines that AODA education standards should include. One committee has recommended guidelines for the kindergarten to grade twelve (K-12) education system. In this article, we outline recommended guidelines for preventing physical barriers in school.