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Workplace Inclusion

This week is National AccessAbility Week!

In Canada, we celebrate National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) every year starting on the last Sunday in May. The week raises awareness about community and workplace inclusion of people with disabilities in Canada. In 2020, National AccessAbility Week takes place from Sunday, May 31st until Saturday, June 6th.

Provincial Disability Coalition Urges Ottawa City Council to Reject Impending Proposal to Allow Electric Scooters that Endanger People with Disabilities and Others


June 4, 2020 Toronto: In a stunning affront to National AccessAbility Week, and while the COVID-19 crisis persists with no end in sight, Ottawa City Council’s Transportation Committee this week proposes to expose people with disabilities and others in Ottawa to proven dangers posed by allowing public use and rental of electric scooters (e-scooters). E-scooters will lead to personal injuries, including innocent pedestrians. They will create new barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities, especially when left lying in public spaces like sidewalks (as the Ottawa proposal would permit).

The Realities of U of T Students in the Age of ‘Zoom University’

ByNicola Lawford
June 2, 2020

On March 13, U of T announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person classes were cancelled beginning March 16. In the following days, libraries and campus resources were shut down, federal and provincial borders were closed, and many students left the city to return home.

E-Scooters Set to Hit Ottawa Streets, Paths This Year

City plans to allow 600 of the dockless standing scooters, but with limits on where they can go Kate Porter
CBC NewsPosted: Jun 03, 2020

If Ottawa’s e-scooter pilot gets full council approval, the devices will be allowed on pathways and on roads with speed limits up to 50 km/h, but not on sidewalks, on NCC paths or in Gatineau.

Red Shirt Day

Today is Red Shirt Day! Red Shirt Day takes place every year across Canada on the Wednesday of National AccessAbility Week. On Red Shirt Day, people wear red shirts to spread awareness about how people with disabilities contribute to their communities and workplaces.

Red Shirt Day

Red Shirt Day and National AccessAbility Week are about recognizing that inclusion benefits everyone. Moreover, inclusion is important not only for people with disabilities, but for every person in every community across the country.