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Activists Push for Independent Enforcement of Ontario’s Accessibility Law

Ontario’s continued lax enforcement of provincial accessibility legislation shows independent agency is needed, critics say.

Lawyer David Lepofsky, who is blind, is chair of the AODA Alliance, a non-partisan coalition that monitors progress on the province’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. He wants to see enforcement assigned to an independent, arms-length public agency. By Laurie MonsebraatenSocial Justice Reporter
Wed., April 18, 2018

Grassroots Disability Coalition’s New Report Reveals Five Consecutive Years of Rampant Violations of Ontario’s Disabilities Act, Known to the Wynne Government, And Ineffective Provincial Enforcement, Despite Unkept Government Promises to Effectively Enforce this Law


April 18, 2018 Toronto: The Wynne Government has known of five consecutive years of rampant violations of Ontario’s disability accessibility law, but still hasn’t taken the effective enforcement action that 1.9 million Ontarians with disabilities need. This is so, even though each year it leaves unspent large amounts of budgeted funds that could have been used to beef up this legislation’s enforcement. That is the conclusion of a detailed report, set out below, on the enforcement of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, which has just been released by the AODA Alliance, a widely-respected non-partisan disability coalition that spearheads the campaign in Ontario for accessibility for people with disabilities.

City Tightens Rules on Service and Support Animal Regulations

The City of Ottawa has tightened its rules on service animals, but there are still concerns that some people could take advantage of the designation to get special treatment for pets they regard as “support animals.”

City council amended the Animal Care and Control Bylaw on March 28 to include stricter requirements for documentation from health professionals to prove a person’s need for a trained service animal, and detailing of how the animal must be identified.

In Making Yale More Digitally Accessible, Everyone Benefits

By Susan Gonzalez
April 10, 2018

As a molecular biophysics and biochemistry major, Yale sophomore Brennan Carman has encountered websites and online course materials that relay scientific information via graphs, diagrams, and pictures. For Carman, who is visually impaired and uses screen-reading or magnifying software, accessing that information can take double the time to get through and often longer.

Make Soccer Accessible in Your Community

By Staff, 04/10/18

This Achieving Accessibility Guide can help clubs and academies understand AODA requirements

Play. Inspire. Unite.

Accessible Soccer is the beautiful game, for all. Ontario Soccer believes that the intention of any accessible and inclusive soccer program should focus on providing an opportunity for players in their own community to discover soccer, develop skills, and build friendships as part of a team.