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Enforcing AODA Compliance

In Part 1 of this article, we explained why the third review of the AODA recommends stronger AODA enforcement. In Part 2, we outline the review’s suggestions for enforcing AODA compliance.

Sudbury Patios Causing Accessibility Challenges, Advocate Says

Blind Sudburian says he couldn’t safely navigate the path around a downtown patio Sarah MacMillan
CBC News, Posted: Aug 10, 2020

Rob DiMeglio recently had a scary experience trying to navigate a path around a patio in downtown Sudbury with his guide dog.

Rob DiMeglio often walks to work in downtown Sudbury, but recently, he’s been afraid to venture into the city’s centre – after a scary incident left him “shaken up” and concerned about accessibility for people with disabilities.

Enforcing the AODA

In the third review of the AODA, the Honourable David Onley recommends needed improvements to the Act. One of these improvements is the need for the government to fully enforce the AODA. This act mandates essential rules that can provide millions of people with disabilities the opportunities non-disabled people take for granted. However, Onley’s review states that many organizations are not complying with the act. Furthermore, when organizations refuse to comply, the government does not force them to do so. In addition, the AODA’s current method of finding out whether organizations comply is through reports they submit about themselves. Onley’s review instead recommends that the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (ADO) should use more direct methods to find out whether organizations are complying. In short, Onley’s review recommends new ways of enforcing the AODA.

Sarnia’s Accessible Kayak and Canoe Launch Makes a Splash

Terry Bridge
Published on: August 6, 2020

Sarnias new accessible kayak and canoe launch made a splash with its first user.

Pete Williams boarded the facility in a yellow kayak mere minutes after city officials cut a ribbon Thursday morning signifying the $75,000 projects completion.

Its really, really good, said Williams, who lives within walking distance of the new Centennial Park watercraft launch. Ive been waiting for this to happen for a long time.

Reforming the Management of Public Building Projects in Ontario

In the third review of the AODA, the Honourable David Onley recommends needed improvements to the Act. One of these improvements is the need for more accessibility and fewer barriers in public infrastructure projects. Onley’s review recommends changes to Infrastructure Ontario, the government agency that manages the province’s major building and construction projects. The review states that this agency has the chance to improve accessibility across Ontario by ensuring that there are no barriers in public buildings. Therefore, Onley’s review recommends reforming the management of public building projects in Ontario.