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OC Transpo Receives Penalty for Failing to Call Out Stops

Ottawa – March 16, 2010 – The Canadian Transportation Agency today issued a $12,500 penalty to OC Transpo for failing to comply with an order to call out major and requested stops on all of its routes.

In a November 2007 Decision (, the Agency found that OC Transpo’s failure to call out stops was an undue obstacle to transportation for persons with a visual impairment.

Agency enforcement officers monitoring OC Transpo found that compliance with the 2007 Decision has not yet been achieved – drivers are still failing to call out stops. As a result, the Agency has issued this penalty.

The Agency ensures compliance with the Canada Transportation Act and related regulations, including accessibility to transportation, through its enforcement division with offices across the country. Enforcement officers conduct inspections and investigations, and can issue warnings and fines.

Late in 2008, the Agency’s Enforcement Division warned OC Transpo that it was not in compliance with the 2007 Decision. 

A second Decision ( in March 2009, gave OC Transpo 20 days to ensure that all necessary stops were called out.  OC Transpo did not comply with the order and was issued a first time penalty of $5,000 in July 2009.

The Agency will continue to monitor OC Transpo on an on-going periodic basis until such time as compliance is achieved.

About the Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent administrative tribunal of the Government of Canada. It is responsible for resolving disputes related
to various aspects of transportation, improving access to transportation for persons with disabilities, and making decisions in air, rail and marine transportation
as an economic regulator.

Previous decisions can be found on the Agency’s Web site at:
under Resources.

Decision No.
OC Transpo vs. Green November 30, 2007

Decision No.
Application by OC Transpo pursuant to section 32 of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, as amended, for a review of Decision No.
dated November 30, 2007 

The July 27, 2009 news release,
OC Transpo receives penalty for failing to call out stops (, can be viewed on the Agency’s Web site.

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