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Uber Driver Allegedly Leaves With Visually Impaired Man’s Cane Following Dispute

Ben Cousins,, June 15, 2018.

A Toronto man who is visually impaired is calling on Uber to return his mobility cane after a driver allegedly left with it following a dispute about the ride.

Johnny To was heading to a friend’s house on Thursday morning when he asked his driver to make a stop at a gas station. To says he told the driver he would make the adjustment in the app, but the driver refused to stop and also refused to cancel the ride, claiming to be too tired.

“I said: ‘If you’re too tired, why are you working?'” To said in a phone interview with

To then began recording his interaction with the driver. One of two videos posted to Facebook shows To repeatedly asking why his driver won’t make the stop and why he won’t cancel the ride, but the driver doesn’t respond.

WARNING: Profanity – Watch the first video

In a second video, the driver says he cancelled the ride. Once To gets out, the driver leaves with To’s cane still inside the vehicle.

WARNING: Profanity – Watch the second video

In the video, To is heard screaming, “You took my f—— stick, bro” as the car drives away.

To was able to make his way back home with the help of someone who lives in his building.

To said he’s been trying to get his cane back from Uber.

An Uber spokesperson said the company has spoken with both the rider and the driver and is working to return or replace the missing cane.

To hopes to get his cane back and to get a refund for the $7.66 he was charged despite the driver claiming the ride had been cancelled.

“They haven’t done anything,” To said. “I haven’t specifically said: ‘I want my refund,’ but I think it’s implied because it was a pretty horrible service.”

To says he’s had issues on other Uber rides and chalks it up to a lack of knowledge when it comes to helping passengers with disabilities.

“They don’t have any accessibility sensitivity training and I feel like they just don’t know or don’t want to know or don’t want to try,” he said.

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