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Welcome to the AO Do Da Do Da Day

By Axel Krueger
October 30, 2012

In 2001 the ODA [ Ontario Disability Act ] was a piece of legislation for the provincial government to make accessible it’s administration and
services to the people with disabilities of Ontario

In 2005, the AODA ][ Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ] was an upgraded version of the ODA whereby it included not only the provincial government , but the services provided by the private sector as well!!!


In 2012 The AODA became the AO Do-Da Do-Da Day when the Premier of the Province of Ontario Dalton McGuinty pirogue it’s government and therefore shutting down the mechanism of enforcement for the AODA legislation rendering this legislation impotent like this government in creating an accessible province for PWD’s.

When will this province and country take a Viagra and read the words of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Apparently, the only thing this government can accomplish where the “citizens”, with disabilities can do, is further discriminate against them by continuing to show that this 17% of it’s population have no rights to the rights covered under the Canadian Charter as do the rest of the country’s citizen’s.

If one is disabled in Canada, we do not have the right to vote, access information, enter buildings or use transportation. Under the ODSP an
individual can not live with someone, get married without getting their benefits stripped, or when working having the amount earned taken from benefits.

We are entitled to create “make work” programs as volunteers for politicians, their staff and be openly disrespected by the AMO [ Association
of Municipalities of Ontario ] by slamming the legislation through it’s inaction across the municipalities of this province with it’s open defiance
to the “ACT”, and sit along with members of the many accessibility Advisory Committee’s.

Where is the AODA Enforcement mechanism? Well, it has morphed into the AO Do-Da Do-Da Day, where the province and country itself
show it’s disabled population that they don’t count even though we represent 17% of this country’.

Hey Dalton and the rest of this country’s premiers, hey Harper, take a pill!!!