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Understanding The Needs Of Persons With Disabilities (PWD’s)

Defining disability

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005
uses the same definition of “disability” as the
Ontario Human Rights Code:

The Four Levels Of PDF Accessibility

Portable Document Format (PDF) accessibility is not a new topic, it is
well understood and explained (
by certain experts.

However, the implications are universally unknown by organisations.

Plan an Accessible Meeting

Advanced planning may help to ensure that the accommodation needs of people
with disabilities are anticipated and acted upon ahead of time. Even when you
may not know in advance whether any of your participants may need accommodations,
you should be prepared to arrange your meeting or event to be accessible
so that people with disabilities can participate fully.

Make Your Workplace Accessible

People with disabilities have skills, abilities and experience that can add
value in your workplace. By opening up your search for talented employees and
making your workplace accessible, you create a win-win situation. You find the
right person for the job. You create a place where anyone can work and be
productive – and you allow employees of all abilities to compete in the

Make Buildings And Spaces Accessible

You may be able to make buildings, spaces, and products accessible using simple
or low-cost solutions. The best solutions will follow the rules of universal
design. This means designing products and environments that can be used by all
people, as much as possible, without having to be modified.


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