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Accessibility Finally Within Reach

PostedMay 19, 2010

If you can place one foot in front of another, then a flight of stairs isn’t a daunting obstacle. If you can see the challenges that lie ahead, then a narrow,
cluttered hallway isn’t a death trap. And if you can hear the birds chirp in the morning, then placing an order at a favourite restaurant isn’t often lost
in translation.

Accessibility at Universities is ‘a Moral Obligation’: Advocate

Posted by sam
on May 19th, 2010

“Disability is one element of the identity that makes a person whole,” says Rabia Kedhr, speaking in Brock’s Sankey Chamber.

As a university student, Rabia Kedhr was accommodated, but she wasn’t always included. And that’s something higher education needs to change, she says.

Bad Eyes Sees the PDF Light

By Geof Collis
Badeyes Design & Consulting
May 11, 2010

Ok, you win!! I’ve been converted!!

I’ve been advocating for years the need for providing an alternate document along with the Portable Document Format (PDF) because all I ever received was an inaccessible PDF.

I asked nicely over and over again. I tried real hard to be patient. When push came to shove, I filed a Human Rights complaint. Still to this day your websites are littered with inaccessible PDFs. I almost gave up!!!

Well, almost.

HWDSB Opens its Doors to Be More Accessible and Inclusive

Hamilton, ON – April 26, 2010: Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) has released two documents that build on a vision of an accessible school Board for all. Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy and the Draft Equity Policy Supporting Guidelines: Persons with Disabilities, part of the Board’s Equity Policy, are now available for public feedback.


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