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Are You an AccessaPhobe?

By Geof Collis
October 30, 2010

The Homosexual Community has fought long and hard to get Rights that were denied them, Marriage, Adoption and a place as equals in Society among some of their victories.

If you disagree that they deserve them you are labelled a “Homophobe”.

The Disability Community is continually fighting for its Rights as well, Accessibility to all aspects of Society.

An Open Letter From the CEO – and a Call To Action for Canadian Employers

Written by: Michelle Pinchev

26 Oct / 10
From Issue #12 of CareerBulletin
’s “A Letter from the President”

By Anne Lamont, President & CEO, Career Edge Organization

“When in greeting, you touch my hand. What knuckled shutters open? What fear do you unlearn?”

Transit Fighter Loses Human Rights Battle

Posted October 23, 2010

A St. Catharines woman who took Niagara Region to a human rights tribunal over the lack of a regional transit service has lost her case.

Angela Browne said she’ll ask for a reconsideration or appeal the decision.

“I’m very disappointed. Disappointed in this Region,” she said after receiving the decision from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Friday.

Disabled Rights Activist Challenges Guelph’s Bookshelf Over Accessibility

October 23, 2010
Thana Dharmarajah, Mercury staff

GUELPH — Matt Wozenilek holds a copy of The Bookshelf’s Off the Shelf publication. It lists events at the popular downtown bookstore and cinema, many of which he said he can’t attend because he is in a wheelchair.

“Very few of (the events), unless it is on the main floor, can I attend,” Wozenilek said.

Government Turns It’s Back on Intelectually Disabled Adults, Yet Again

By Roseanna Vachon
Parent Advocate
Posted to Site October 22, 2010

RE: Government Turns It’s Back on Intelectually Disabled Adults

Why would Liberal MPP Rick Johnson criticize the Progressive Conservatives for trying to assist the intellectually disabled? As a parent of an intellectually disabled adult, I came to him for help but no resolution was forthcoming. He indicated that it was a School Board decision and not a provincial government issue.


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