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New captioned Video is Unveiled Today on Hardships People with Disabilities Face During the COVID-19 Pandemic, To Mark This Sunday, the 26th Anniversary of the Birth of Ontario’s Grassroots Movement for Disability Accessibility

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Society for All People with Disabilities
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November 27, 2020


Ontario Human Rights Commission Issues Statement on Accessible Housing

November 22, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the need for safe housing, Ontarians with disabilities have always lived with the harsh reality that their housing choices are extremely limited, chronically inaccessible and often substandard and unsafe.

New Real Estate Features Help Identify Accessible Housing

By Quinn Ritzdorf News-Press NOW

The Heartland Multiple Listing Service, an informational housing system used by real estate agents in the St. Joseph and Kansas City area, has added a more detailed filtering system for accessibility features.

Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant housing is difficult to find for the elderly and those with physical disabilities, which is why Kenton Randolph, the owner of Randolph Seating & Mobility, partnered with Berkshire Hathaway as an accessibility specialist to come up with a solution by updating the filters in the MLS.

London Accessibility Committee Back to Meetings After Nine Months of Frustration

Author of the article: Megan Stacey
Publishing date: Nov 21, 2020

Nine months after its work was sidelined by the pandemic, and after losing a trio of members, a citizen advisory committeeon disability issues will have a meeting next week.

But it’s no longer good enough for city hall to just the “check the box” on disability issues, the group’s chairperson says. Instead, London needs to get serious about building a community that is accessible for all.

Two New Captioned Online Videos Show Ongoing Risk of Disability Discrimination in Hospitals if the Skyrocketing COVID-19 Surge and Feared Overload of Hospitals Forces Rationing or Triage of Critical Care Beds

and Ford Government’s Protracted Secrecy on Its Plans if Triage is Needed