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Flying with a Disability

Flying with a disability can be an easy and pleasant experience. Many airlines offer services that ensure the safety and well-being of people with disabilities. Looking into what services the airlines provide, and arranging the services you need in advance when possible, will help reduce stress and make your flight more pleasant.

Flying with a Disability

Here, we will outline four stages of a successful flight when flying with a disability:

What Will Today’s Throne Speech at Queen’s Park Offer 1.9 Million Ontarians with Disabilities?


July 12, 2018 Toronto: Community groups and advocates for the needs of 1.9 million Ontarians with disabilities are poised to scrutinize and respond to today’s Ontario Throne Speech, to see what new action it offers for people with disabilities. They will also be carefully watching the responses from the other parties at Queen’s Park, to see what they have to say about people with disabilities, in their responses to the Throne Speech.

Accessible Vacation Destinations Around the World

Travelling is a great way to create lasting memories and get away from daily stresses and create lasting memories. Some places or activities can pose challenges for a person with a disability. However, the trip you dreamed of is certainly possible with a little planning. Below, we have provided some accessible vacation destinations that have sights and attractions for all.

University of Guelph BlindSquare App- Leading the way in Accessibility

Using the BlindSquare App for Accessible Navigation

The University of Guelph is leading the way in accessibility by being the first University in the world to fully implement the BlindSquare GPS-App for people who are blind and visually impaired. The app helps students find their way around the campus.  The app is now in many of the high traffic areas and in under five years the university plans on installing the system through the whole campus.

Sensory Friendly Attractions in Ontario

Sensory friendly attractions are designed for visitors with sensory processing disorders (SPD). People with SPD can be over- or under-sensitive to outside factors, such as bright lights, loud sounds, tastes, and touch. Indeed, SPD can make a trip to the local movie theater or trampoline park overwhelming. However, as businesses have learned about SPD, they have worked to become more inclusive.