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Disclosure of Disability in the Workplace

Disclosure of disability in the workplace is the process in which workers reveal their disabilities to employers. Disclosure of disability can be daunting for workers and the people they disclose to.

In this article, we explore:

  • Why workers might choose or not choose to disclose
  • How they might do so
  • What employers’ responsibilities are after disclosure of disability
  • How employers can create a work environment encouraging disclosure of disability

How to Make the Hiring Process Accessible

The Employment Standard under the AODA states that employers must make the hiring process accessible to applicants and candidates with disabilities. This may leave people wondering how to make the hiring process accessible. Here we outline how employers can create accessible job postings and provide interview accommodations.

What is the Employment Standard?

The Employment Standard of the AODA requires employers to make their workplace practices accessible to potential or current workers with disabilities. The standard applies to paid workers but not to volunteers. Under the standard, an “employer” refers to the organization that employs a person.

What is the Employment Standard?

The Employment Standard requires that employers must make their workplace and employment practices accessible to potential or current employees with disabilities.

Disability Advocates Criticize Lack of Teeth in New Manitoba Accessibility Regulations

New standards for businesses come into effect Nov. 1
Kim Kaschor · CBC
Originally Posted: Nov 01

Megan Clark lives and works in downtown Winnipeg. Her neighbourhood is starting to become more accessible, she says.

A new law is now in force for Manitoba businesses, but don’t expect a bylaw officer to show up at your door any time soon.

Service Animals in Schools: Proposed Amendment to Legislation

The Ontario government has proposed an amendment to legislation that would simplify the accommodation process for students who use service animals in schools.

First, we provide a brief introduction to service animals and then we discuss how the proposed legislation could benefit children who use service animals in schools.

Service Animals

A service animal is an animal, typically a dog, that helps someone with a disability maintain independence. Service animals help people with many disabilities and medical conditions, such as: