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Intelivote Releases Trends in Electronic Voting for 48 Ontario Municipalities

Intelivote was selected by almost half of the 97 Ontario municipalities using electronic voting (Internet and phone) in the 2014 Ontario Municipal Elections resulting in over 909,000 votes being securely cast. Today Intelivote released a brief analysis of the voting methods revealing interesting trends on methods and channels used. Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA (PRWEB) December 19, 2014

Accessible Travel Kiosks Will Remove Barriers and Increase Independence

A new standard in the Canadian Transportation Agency’s amended Code of practice: Removing Communication Barriers for Travellers with Disabilities introduces automated self-service travel kiosks designed for people with disabilities at airports, railway and ferry terminals.


The Badeyes WordPress Theme is Now Live and Available for Download!

It has been a long 4 months of researching code and using checking tools but WordPress has finally approved the Badeyes TwentyFourteen Child Theme and it is now live for anyone to download.


Ottawa Residents With Disabilities Laud Provincial Building Code Changes

By Trevor Greenway

Steve Gerecke says it’s like a “punch in the face” when he can’t access a public building because it doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp. It happens all the time.

The Ottawa photographer, who has a disability, says changes to the province’s building code that will force contractors to design condos, apartments and public spaces that are more accessible to people with disabilities are a good start, but there is a lot more to be done to make Ottawa an accessible place to live.

The Business of Becoming Accessible in Whitby

Deadline for private and non-profit sectors to submit compliance report to Province is Dec. 31 Ryan Pfeiffer / Metroland

WHITBY — Victoria Regan, an ambassador for the Abilities Centre, used an accessible kiosk at the facility.

Local businesses are required to make accessibility improvements to meet provincial standards outlined in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. December 2, 2014.


  • One in seven people in Ontario has a disability and that number is anticipated to rise with the aging population across the province.

‘Not a niche market': Accessibility for disabled business travellers takes centre stage

Camilla Cornell
December 15, 2014

Improved accessibility can be a competitive advantage for businesses, opening up a whole new market of travellers.

On a recent business trip to Ottawa, Christine Karcza stayed at a hotel with an accessible room intended to accommodate a range of disabilities from blindness to mobility issues. Ms. Karcza, who walks with two canes, was happy to see a chair placed in the shower, as well as shower heads at chair height, as well as higher up.

The Ten Years of AODA Implementation Seasonal Carol

By Victor Schwartzman
December 15, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close we celebrate the holidays with many songs representing many different cultures. To celebrate the TEN YEARS (more or less) OF AODA IMPLEMENTATION, here is a song which borrows from a popular carol. Our song starts back in 2005, when AODA was proclaimed, and then works its way ten years, to now. Let’s see where we end up! Sing-a-long with me! You all know the tune by now!

AODA – The Government’s Albatross

Or The 2014 AODA Implementation Report
By Victor Schwartzman and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
December 9, 2014

I, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, have been summoned to write the AODA 2014 Year End Review. I was asked because the AODA story is identical to that of the creation of my famous poem, Kubla Khan. Why? Because, similar to the Ontario Government’s implementation of AODA, my tale is also one of fraud and deception and failure to get the job done.

Accessible Parking Spots are a Magnet for Selfish Drivers

As soon as Christmas shopping begins, parking spaces become scarce. That sometimes leaves people who need those spots travelling long distances as able-bodied people take their accessible parking spaces.

Self-entitled drivers continue to use and abuse specially designated parking spots By Lorraine Sommerfeld
December 8, 2014

When I recently did a Top Ten parking violations column, I was taken to task for leaving out the most grievous one. That was intentional, because it deserves a column of its own. And I saved it till now, probably the best time of year to find the festive season bringing out the worst of the worst.

2014 Year-End Retrospective on Our Non-Partisan Campaign for Disability Accessibility And More News from the Accessibility Front Lines

December 5, 2014


This is the AODA Alliances final Update for 2014. We thank one and all for reading or skimming our Updates, for passing them on to others, and for being part of our non-stop grassroots campaign to make Ontario fully accessible to over 1.8 million people with disabilities. Every contribution of effort by each one of you to our campaign helps sustain this effort. Because we are a volunteer coalition, it is the contribution of that effort that powers us ahead.