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Accessible Vacation Destinations Around the World

Travelling is a great way to create lasting memories and get away from daily stresses and create lasting memories. Some places or activities can pose challenges for a person with a disability. However, the trip you dreamed of is certainly possible with a little planning. Below, we have provided some accessible vacation destinations that have sights and attractions for all.

Accessible Vacation Destinations

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Firstly, we will start down south in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Playa del Carmen is a coastal city known for many beach activities. The downtown area is full of delicious food and great shopping. This city has many accessible features, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Beaches with boardwalks and beach wheelchairs
  • Nature parks offering wheelchair rentals and staff to assist people wanting to swim
  • Step-free tours of Mayan ruins
  • Shops and restaurants on a surface with few steps and slopes
  • Scuba and snorkeling dive tours with instructors certified to work with people who have disabilities

Barcelona, Spain

Another place on our list is Barcelona, a city full of culture and old buildings. The beautiful beaches and world-class dining make it a great choice for your next accessible vacation. You can enjoy the accessible features, such as:

  • Accessible transportation
  • Wheelchair-friendly museums
  • Museums with adaptations for visitors who are blind and visually impaired, such as guided tours, tactile models, audio guides, and Braille maps
  • Tours for visitors who are visually impaired
    • For example, Palau de la Música Catalana organizes guided tours and allows you to touch artifacts, such as stained glass and ceramics
  • Sign language tours for visitors who are deaf or hearing impaired
  • Beaches with boardwalks and beach wheelchairs
  • Assisted swimming at some beaches


Singapore is one of the most accessible cities in Asia. It is home to stunning buildings and historical designs. Additionally, the skylines and many parks will leave you breathless. Singapore is a great spot to travel to, regardless if you have a disability because of its:

  • Transit that is adapted for visitors with motor, visual, and hearing impairments
  • City gardens with wheelchair-friendly shuttles and access ramps
  • Wheelchair accessible shopping areas and tourist attractions, such as museums

Additionally, many popular tourist attractions offer braille signs and maps throughout the country.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of Australia’s oldest and most visited cities. It offers great food, arts, culture, and outdoor spaces. This city continues to make improvements to accessibility, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Beaches with access matting and beach wheelchairs
  • Assisted surfing at beaches
  • Parks with all-terrain wheelchairs
  • Hot air balloon tours
  • Sporting venues with seating for people with disabilities

Sicily, Italy

Lastly, the island of Sicily. Sicily has many stunning landscapes and cultural treasures to see. Its rugged volcanoes, mountainous coast, and sand beaches may seem off-limits to someone with a disability, but with a little planning, you can enjoy the best Sicily has to offer, for instance:

  • Accessible transportation
  • Activities such as, off-road driving and windsurfing for people who are blind and partially sighted
  • Beaches with boardwalks and beach wheelchairs
  • Accessible diving, snorkeling, and boat excursions
  • Mount Etna Volcano is mostly wheelchair-friendly until 2000 mt
  • A tactile museum and garden designed for tourists who are visually impaired
  • Tours of historical sites
  • Sensory workshops to discover how olive oil is made

In sum, these are just a few choices for accessible vacations. Anyone with the desire to travel can take advantage of what this world has to offer. When planning your vacation, it is important to consider your own situation and choose a destination that suits your needs and interests.