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Attitudinal Barriers at Work

In our last article, we explored how attitudinal barriers, based on false beliefs about disability, limit people’s lives. In this article, we will discuss attitudinal barriers at work.

Attitudinal Barriers at Work

False assumptions about disability often involve the idea that people with disabilities cannot do most every-day tasks. People may then guess that, based on these perceived limits, someone with a disability must not be able to work. Alternatively, employers may believe various myths about workers with disabilities. As a result, an employer might choose not to hire someone with a disability because they believe that people with disabilities cannot work as well as non-disabled applicants.

Disability and Attitudinal Barriers, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we explored some attitudinal barriers that people with disabilities face. We considered how attitudinal barriers are often due to false assumptions people have about life with a disability. Here, we will consider more examples of attitudinal barriers, and how to remove them.

Disability and Attitudinal Barriers

Attitudinal disability barriers happen when non-disabled people do not understand how disabilities affect people’s lives. These misunderstandings can lead to false assumptions about what people with disabilities can do, want, or need. Businesses do not create attitudinal barriers purposely. Instead, barriers happen because businesses are unaware of how or why someone with a disability would access their services. In other words, attitudinal barriers happen because of stereotypes or lack of awareness.

Preventing Organizational Barriers

In Part 1 of this article, we explored how businesses can remove organizational disability barriers. For the most part, this process involves making changes to policies, practices, and procedures. Here, we will consider how businesses should be preventing organizational barriers in the first place.

Preventing and Removing Organizational Barriers

In our last article, we explored how organizational barriers limit access for people with various disabilities. In this article, we will consider how businesses can prevent or remove organizational barriers barriers. Preventing and removing organizational barriers makes businesses welcoming to people of all abilities.