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Blind Customers Locked Out by Bank Web Upgrades

By Sally Abrahams & Lee Kumutat
BBC Radio 4, Money Box
6 May 2018

From the “point of view of someone who can’t see” his bank’s upgrade is “appalling”, says Jeff

HSBC, Metro Bank and Halifax have all admitted to failings after redesigning websites that made it hard for their blind or visually impaired customers to access full services online.

Ontario Educational System Failing Students With Intellectual Disabilities: Report

By Andrea Gordon, Education Reporter
Fri., May 4, 2018

Students face “daunting” academic and social barriers that can leave them excluded, vulnerable to bullying and set them up for low expectations for the future, said the report, a joint project by experts in disabilities law and education.

Dorlean Lieghfars-Rotolo, with daughter Jessica, now 19, who has Down Syndrome, says she and her husband had a constant battle to make sure Jessica received appropriate accommodations in school.

Please Send Us Your Feedback on the AODA Alliances Draft Brief on the Proposed Recommendations for Revisions to the 2011 Employment Accessibility Standard that the Employment Standards Development Committee Has Circulated for Public Comment`

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Ontario for All People with Disabilities

April 27, 2018


On March 20, 2018, the Ontario Government invited public comment, which it would give to the Employment Standards Development Committee. That Committee is conducting a review of the 2011 Employment Accessibility Standard, which the Government enacted under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. It aims at removing and preventing workplace barriers that impede employees and job-seekers with disabilities from getting and keeping a job.

‘There was no sympathy’: Brampton Mom Says H&M Store Discriminated Against Her Son With Autism

The incident occurred at Bramalea City Centre on April 11
Adrian Cheung, CBC
Posted: Apr 26, 2018

Marva Richardson, left, says employees at a Brampton H&M store were not willing to accommodate the needs of her son Jared (right.)

A Brampton mother is calling for changes in training and an apology from the retail giant H&M after an incident in which she said an employee lacked “compassion and understanding” for her son, who lives with autism.

AODA Alliance Writes Accessibility Minister Tracy MacCharles to Request Modest But Important Improvements to the Way Accessibility Standards are Developed in Ontario Under Ontario’s Disabilities Act

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Ontario for All People with Disabilities Twitter: @aodaalliance

April 23, 2018


The AODA Alliance has again written to Ontario’s Accessibility Minister, Tracy MacCharles. In this new letter, we ask for a series of modest but important adjustments to the process by which accessibility standards are developed under the AODA. None of these requests requires any change to the law. The minister can quickly do everything we ask, within her mandate as the minister responsible for the AODA.